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  Vision and Mission

Our Vision

 The Shumua Al amal fulfill the aspirations of families and those interested in the community in providing distinguished services in the field of special education and rehabilitation, in line with the latest international programs and considering local requirements

  Our Mission

  Providing a distinguished level of assessment, diagnosis, education and rehabilitation services for people with mental disabilities, male and female, of all ages, and providing family and community counseling services in the field of optimal handling of these cases.

Our Role

  To provide specialized education and rehabilation for autistic and mental retarded people considering best international practices and local Rules and values.

Where we Serve                                                            


            The Shumua Al-Amal Complex for Special Education and Rehabilitation is one of the largest center of special education and rehabilitation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is located on the area of ​​19,000 square meters and consists of several buildings with an area of ​​10435 square meters, as well as facilities that include the garden, playgrounds, swimming pools, zoo, fish pond, agricultural nurseries and a track Horse, where the complex provides all the necessary services for the education and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and multiple disabilities from the age of 3 years up to approximately 45 years.

Our Team
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 The Shumua Al-Amal complex consists of three main departments that are supervised by three ministries as follows:
- Day care students: supervised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and provides rehabilitation and training services for (medium and severe) people with intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and multiple disabilities, in addition to providing psychological rehabilitation services, speech and speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, and psychological rehabilitation. movement.

- Schools students: supervised by the Ministry of Education and provides educational services to the (simple) category of people with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder, starting from kindergarten to the primary and intermediate stage of thought. Students with learning difficulties and slow learning are also served in addition to ordinary students who They have speech or speech disorders Behavior within the school of establishing primary "boys" from the first grade to the sixth grade.

- Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Center: It is supervised by the Ministry of Health and provides physical and occupational therapy services for cases joining the complex in addition to providing its services to ordinary people who are exposed to sports injuries, traffic accidents, or clots ... etc.

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